About Thread & Crystal

 Hello, I am Bettina Minero, the designer behind Thread & Crystal. My     jewelry line offers a fresh and modern approach to handmade spiritual   jewelry designed to bring balance and intention to your energy. Thread & Crystal can be found in various locations including Malibu,   Westlake, Agoura Hills, Laguna Beach, as well as online.

I've experienced many diverse influences that have shaped my creative vision. Los Angeles, Missoula Montana, Seattle, and San Francisco are all cities that I have called home. In the past, I was a lead singer in a signed band touring the world and sharing my voice with a global audience in various places such as Tokyo, London, Glasgow and many others. More recently, my focus has shifted to creating large abstract paintings which have gained interest among interior designers as well as personal buyers. However, my current focus is Thread & Crystal.

Thread & Crystal came about when I began looking for a simple crystal necklace. I wanted a raw clear quartz on a delicate, adjustable gold chain—simple, feminine, and perfect for everyday wear. Because I never found that perfect necklace, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using a piece of gold silk thread and my special crystal I crafted my ideal necklace. To my delight, my friends all loved it. On one special day a stranger approached me and was eager to buy my necklace on the spot, I was beyond thrilled! I then I knew there was something really remarkable about my crystal necklace and that it could help others as well!

That magical encounter made me realize the potential of my design, urging me to take my idea more seriously. I delved deeper into extensive research exploring crystal energy and the different components and various types of chains to refine my necklace design. With dedication and excitement, I honed every detail until I absolutely loved the finished product.

I find immense joy in handpicking each crystal and designing every piece. No two crystals are alike; they each possess their own vibrations and healing properties. To ensure their energy remains pure and powerful, the crystals are regularly cleared through tonal vibrations. Thread & Crystal is more than just jewelry; crystals are energy allies and reminders of your purpose. Each piece is special and can help to bring personal transformation.